Lucky Sods

by John Godber, directed by David Bugg

14th – 18th May 2019 Walkington Village Hall

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the play last night.  The whole production was fabulous and the timing was very impressive.  So well done to you all - cast, crew, front of house whatever aspect you are involved in give yourselves a big pat in the back.

I saw someone today who was in the audience last night, she said “it was the best yet"

When Morris and Jean win the National Lottery to the tune of two million pounds – they can’t believe their luck. But the cracks in their marriage widen, the past catches up with them and their relatives become increasingly resentful. Jean keeps winning and Morris takes off to Amsterdam with an old flame, but will his prophecy that bad luck always follows good turn out to be true?

CharacterPlayed by
MorrisBen Gardiner
JeanClaire Sreeves
NormanBrian Shaw
AnnieEmma Drew
MotherGwen Rodmell
ConnieKathie Wilkinson
VicarMartin Gore
WaiterKen Hearne